We, Hutch and Glenda, moved to Darling in January 2017. We had been living in the UK for 16 years but were drawn back to South Africa by the force of 5 grand children. Why Darling???? Well, as a saying goes which we saw in Turkey “We came, We saw, We stayed, and stayed, and stayed, and stayed, and stayed…….” Like so many other Darlings before us, it just took one visit!!!!! So, who knows, you might end up being our neighbours! 


We found an ideal plot in the ‘old heart’ of Darling, with a stunning view. We have built an eco friendly Sandbag house, although you would never know from the outside! Our love of natural beauty is evident in our Pallet wood kitchen, beautiful oak furniture and a rustic touch to our décor. 


Hutch is a retired SA Naval Dive Instructor & Commercial Offshore Diving Superintendent. His passion is self-sufficient gardening with a few quirky ideas. I am still waiting for all his produce….

But, you will always find him pottering in ‘his’ garden. 

Me, well I am just Glenda, your hostess. I have a long history in Accounts and Financing.

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